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We are sensitive to client privacy and strive to minimize collection of personal information. The following is a summary of what type of information we collect, how, and why.

We collect personal information via intake forms which may be emailed to you as a first-time client, or presented to you at the time of your first appointment. These forms must be completed by hand and are NOT stored electronically; however, if you request a digital copy via email, please note that these forms will be stored in an online document folder in order to facilitate the process. In addition, basic, personally identifiable  information is automatically collected during processing of online payments. Our website is hosted on the platform which is GDPR compliant.

We collect non-personal and personal information for the following purposes:
To provide client services in a safe, informed manner;
To provide our clients with updates and notifications which are relevant to them;
To be able to contact our clients and site visitors with service-related messages;
To comply with any applicable laws and regulations. We will NOT sell, rent, or otherwise disperse your personal information unless required by law.

How we communicate with you:
We will communicate with you via the (required) email address you provide either through the online contact form or on your client intake form. Any other email address(es) you provide for contact purposes will be at at your discretion. Additionally, our services require direct phone contact with clients: prior to any initial appointment; as follow-up to appointments; as necessary to facilitate communication and dissemination of pertinent information between practitioner and client.

If you would like to correct or amend any personal information we have about you, please contact us. We will do our best to honor any reasonable request, however please note that information in your intake form and information collected during any online payment processing are required if you are our client.

We reserve the right to modify our privacy policy at any time. Changes and updates will take effect immediately upon posting.

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