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Yoga Therapy Group for Parkinson's

A yoga therapy group - class for those with Parkinson's in Bloomington IN - Indiana.

Simply Yoga Therapy is a gentle, therapeutic yoga class designed specifically for those with early or late onset Parkinson's disease (PD)—who would like more than a seated yoga class. Small yoga therapy groups meet individuals at their level of ability and encourage a 'beginner's yoga' mentality regardless of ability or past yoga experience. Yoga therapy classes are led by a C-IAYT yoga therapist specializing in yoga therapy for neurological conditions and movement disorders


  • Gentle, therapeutic yoga appropriate for Parkinson's, reduced mobility and range of motion, mild disability

  • Yoga therapy to increase balance, range of motion, coordination

  • Focus on body-awareness and mindful movement 

  • Using the breath as a natural aid in movement and 'freezing'

  • Providing simple, safe yoga therapy and breathing exercises for self-care at home

  • Chairs are implemented in yoga classes on a limited basis when necessary and appropriate; however, therapeutic yoga is most beneficial when the body's senses (e.g. proprioception) are recruited and used.


Simply Yoga Therapy Groups


Specialized yoga therapy groups for Parkinson's are offered in renewable 3-month modules which include 12 classes and an extensive intake session with a C-IAYT yoga therapist. Group size is restricted to ensure that proper attention and supervision are given to each attendee. The facility is appropriate for those with restricted mobility: Handicap accessible parking, no stairs, non-slip floors, and wheelchair accessible bathrooms.


  • It is expected that ability, energy level, and knowledge of yoga will vary among participants. Please come to class with an open mind and respect for others.

  • Please bring a blanket and large towel to class. Phones must be turned OFF prior to entering the room.

Contact us for information about in-home, individual yoga therapy specifically for early or late-onset Parkinson's, and comprehensive therapy programs.

Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) specializing in Parkinson's disease in Bloomington Indiana.
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