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Raising Awareness

Raising awareness of the health and wellbeing benefits of yoga therapy in neurosupportive care, as well as compassion in health care in Bloomington IN - Indiana and Indianapolis.

Yoga Therapy & Compassion in Health Care


Second Nature Wellbeing for Life welcomes educational opportunities to speak locally in Bloomington Indiana and Indianapolis, statewide, and nationally on the benefits of yoga therapy as an integrative, complementary and alternative form of therapy, as well as the need for compassionate, person-centered neurosupportive care and therapies. Yoga therapy is a highly accessible, adaptable form of therapy and support for a range of life challenges and long-term conditions including neurological and neuromuscular conditions such as MS or Parkinson's, or as a support in cancer recovery. It can stand alone as an effective alternative to other therapies and therapeutic modalities, or be part of a comprehensive, integrated approach to improving overall wellbeing and quality of life. 

Presentations may be short and informational, such as our presentation at SYTAR (Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research) titled Yoga for MySelf: Yoga Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis Centered Upon the Individual, Not the Disease—or experiential and dedicated to a specific condition or particular topic in yoga therapy. NeuroSupportive & NeuroPalliative Yoga Therapy™ workshops provide a more interactive learning option for small groups in educational settings such as an in-clinic or residency training program in palliative care.



What is awareness? A sense of sympathy for, consideration of, or shared interests with one or more other human beings.

As a C-IAYT yoga therapist our work brings awareness to clients of the connection and interplay of body (physical), mind (emotional), and actions (spiritual practice, lifestyle, treatment of others) whether on a daily basis or as a lifelong practice. This is possible due to the exceptional training and guidance received through the Svastha System led by Ganesh Mohan, MD and his parents, Indra and A.G. Mohan. 

We are but one among a growing number of dedicated health care providers and practitioners in the emerging field of neuropalliative care—providing compassionate, person-centered care and support to those with neurological conditions. It is our hope and intention to bring awareness of the scope of neuropalliative and neurosupprtive care to anyone who may wish to know more: those living with a neurological condition, caregivers, advocates, and the spectrum of health care providers and practitioners in both allopathic medicine and in non-westernized medicine.


Writing is contingent upon inspiration. This said, we find that our work is at its best, and is most appreciated by others, when we focus on those things which move us deeply, inspire us, or require us to walk in the shoes of others. Our writing on integrative, complementary and alternative health is informed by years of experience in home and clinical settings, seeing clients one-on-one, and working with families and caregivers to provide long-term support. With a background in yoga for therapy, therapeutic rehabilitation, holistic nutrition, and both clinically and traditionally based bodywork, we perceive the body as an integrated whole. Similarly, a person is not a sum of parts—they are a living, sentient Being.

Areas of particular interest when writing about health and healing include quality of life and whole-person care; neurological conditions and neuropalliative support; chronic pain management; (dis)ability; medicine in non-western / non-allopathic traditions; and yoga therapy. 

Please let us know how we can help raise awareness.

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