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Yoga Therapy for Cancer & Recovery

Yoga Therapy for cancer and recovery in Bloomington IN - Indiana.

WellBeing Yoga Therapy for Cancer & Recovery

Cancer creates a sense of separateness from the body, a loss of feeling whole. This is partly attributable to pain or the side-effects of treatment but is also due to the overwhelming focus on the cancer process itself rather than the person. WellBeing Yoga Therapy is focused less on the physical body and more on restoring a relationship between the body and mind, increasing quality of life and providing a means of gentle, therapeutic self-care for women with cancer or in remission in Bloomington Indiana. Yoga Therapy sessions and long-term recovery programs are offered by a C-IAYT yoga therapist. 


In-Home Therapy for Cancer


We are all too aware that cancer, as well as treatments, take away energy and leave one depleted. Customized yoga therapy programs provide in-home support and therapy for women who are undergoing treatment or who are in recovery—with the intention of easing the hurry-worry associated with appointments and clinical visits, as well as to minimize energy expenditure. The perception that cancer must be 'attacked' can, in and of itself, lead to further stress, chronic pain, and an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness or even anger. We endeavor to let you care for yourself and heal through the use of yoga as a therapeutic—rather than clinical—intervention. Yoga therapy sessions may be as simple and gentle as learning visualization techniques or how to use the breath naturally to ease anxiety during chemotherapy. By the same token, 'restorative' yoga does not need to be without vitality if energy and circumstances permit. Minimal props are used in order to encourage body awareness, however if a client can benefit from a blanket, pillow or chair, they will be used as needed.  


How Can We Support You?

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We provide extended, thoughtful support over months or years, creating a client relationship that adapts and changes as needs change—delving into unhelpful lifestyle habits or patterns of thinking, bringing awareness to daily activities, providing a compassionate, open space for discussion of life, living, and perhaps even dying. 

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