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Amplitude Yoga Therapy 

Amplitude Yoga Therapy and therapeutic rehabilitation for amputees and limb loss in Bloomington IN - Indiana.

Yoga Therapy for Amputees 


Amplitude Yoga Therapy™ for amputees is offered as customized, individual yoga therapy sessions with a C-IAYT yoga therapist, including assessment and regular follow-up to meet the specific therapeutic needs of amputees. We recognize the scope and magnitude of physical and emotional implications of limb-loss or amelia. For some, amputation is a life-altering intervention brought about due to illness (diabetes, cancer, bacterial infection) or injury (vehicle, occupational, in-service); for others, being born without a limb or hand (amelia, meromelia) is a life-long challenge.

Therapy Inside-Out

Unlike the purely physical, targeted focus of physical therapy and rehabilitation, yoga therapy can provide an alternative means for regaining a sense of self: self-care, self-worth, self-reliance. Rather than narrowing ability to a defined physical probability or improbability, yoga therapy for amputees starts at the center, at a point of inner balance, and then moves outward, providing possibilities both physically and mentally. 

amplitude: the maximum extent of a vibration or oscillation,
measured from the position of equilibrium


Yoga therapy sessions for amputees are frequently about coping with chronic pain, stress and fatigue. There is a sense of obligation and 'not giving up' which was instilled both during rehabilitation and recovery, as well as self-expectation. While this mindset can initially be helpful in regaining independence and resilience, it can—in the long-term—be a subtle yet powerful undertow, draining physical, mental and emotional energy. Learning to sit upright, with an open yet relaxed torso and natural breath are common first steps, yet carry a significant challenge for those in a wheelchair or a brace, as well as those who have held in pain, anger, grief for months or years.


Therapy With or Without Prosthetic


If a client is active, less active, comfortable with or without their prosthesis after amputation, and wishes to retain or regain range of motion and ease in their body, yoga therapy sessions will first strive to engage a sense of stability and connection with the body as a whole, and only then turn to the many possibilities offered by a gentle, focused yoga practice. Limb-loss presents unique and significant challenges, without question; learning to re-connect with the body and receiving safe and appropriate guidance during therapy sessions can give confidence both for the new amputee, and long after amputation. 

In-Home Therapy

We specialize in yoga therapy for neurological conditions and neuromuscular disorders, disability and therapeutic rehabilitation, as well as providing comprehensive, in-home therapy programs at your location in Bloomington Indiana and the Indianapolis area.



We would like to recognize and thank a fellow yoga therapist, Marsha Danzig, for her personal insights as an amputee, as well as her excellent in-person training: Yoga for Amputees by Marsha T Danzig® 

Customized therapy for amputees.
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