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Specialized Yoga Therapy Groups

Specialized yoga therapy groups in Bloomington IN - Indiana.

Specialized yoga therapy groups are led by an experienced C-IAYT yoga therapist and are focused on meeting the unique therapeutic needs of those with neurological conditions, movement disorders, disabilities, or chronic pain conditions. Therapeutic yoga classes provide access to therapy while being in the company of others who share similar experiences—something which can be both sustaining and motivating for class participants. Past and current yoga therapy modules we have offered include:


Yoga is therapeutic in nature if practiced with care and awareness of purpose, giving each individual a self-help means to become aware of external and internal factors which promote or exacerbate physiological symptoms associated with injury, a chronic health condition, or disability, and certain mental patterns which may perpetuate anxiety, stress, or depressive thoughts. With commitment and patience, yoga therapy may help individuals cope with chronic pain, ease stress and anxiety, lessen muscle spasticity, increase range of motion, improve gait and balance, and relieve depression (refs. PubMed).


While most of us have acquired some form of postural compensation or muscular imbalance over time, there are those who bear the additional burden of carrying on while struggling with post traumatic stress (PTSD), cancer recovery or ongoing chemotherapy treatments, or coping with neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson's (PD). Others are living with chronic pain or long-term disability from a traumatic injury or stroke. For these and more, gentle, focused yoga therapy groups and individualized yoga therapy have been shown to be effective in ameliorating symptoms, improving quality of life, and bringing a sense of wellbeing. 

Request a Specialized Yoga Therapy Group


A specialized yoga therapy class or group is formed based upon a specific request by a clinic, rehabilitation center, or group with a specific therapeutic need in the Bloomington area. Initial intake sessions with each participant help us determine overall ability and needs of the group as a whole. The International Association of Yoga Therapists states:

The hallmark that differentiates yoga therapy groups [classes] from yoga teaching groups [classes] is the presence of assessment and treatment planning [by a yoga therapist] for each client. Yoga classes that do not include individual assessment and care planning may not be considered as yoga therapy groups.


We are interested in helping the individual at a personal level; by limiting yoga therapy group size and requiring follow-up, we ensure individualized attention and therapeutic benefit while offering a class setting. Classes run in 3-month modules and may be renewed indefinitely.


Guidelines - Forming a Yoga Therapy Group

  • Specialized yoga therapy groups are offered in renewable 3-month modules which include 12 classes and an extensive intake session with a C-IAYT yoga therapist.

  • Form a group (5 - 6 participants) with a common therapeutic interest. Although a chair may be a necessary and positive addition to doing yoga therapy, 'chair yoga' is not necessarily yoga therapy. A chair can often be more of a hindrance than an aid to self-efficacy and self-reliance, and their use can often be averted for years. We use minimal props unless specifically needed, and encourage simplicity in our classes in order to give participants the opportunity to retain and implement the gentle, straightforward methods used in class. 

  • Designate a yoga therapy group location in Bloomington Indiana. This may be a clinic, hospice setting, or public facility—however, it must be fully handicap accessible, with ease of access / parking.

  • Yoga therapy groups are led by a C-IAYT yoga therapist and follow the guidelines of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). Note that groups and modules are provided as a support and adjunct to one-on-one therapy—not in place of it.

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